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UK Weekly Market Report - Week 13 - 27 March Settlement

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For Week 13 - 2024 (compared to week 13 - 2023), Travel Ledger's market data reveals transactions accelerating again, continuing the trend so far in 2024:

- Transactions are up by 14%.
- Total amounts processed increased by 20%
- Average transaction value increased by 5%; down from 9% last week, showing an increase in deposits from new bookings

As expected, the rate of growth for transactions accelerated again this week compared to last week, with amounts also growing as the final few balances for the Easter holidays are collected.
The proportion of "Deposit transactions" grew, indicating more new bookings are being processed. We expect new week to be slow overall due to the holidays and the trend to continue the week after. 

Stay tuned for more updates from Travel Ledger, as we continue to provide valuable insights into the travel market's evolving landscape.