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Travel Ledger commercials

Travel Ledger is very affordable - composed of a fixed subscription element and a variable transactional element.

All companies pay a monthly subscription of £15 (or €20) to be registered and operate on the platform, plus:


£0.22 / €0.30
per booking
Sellers are charged £0.22 per booking delivered to a buyer, reconciled and remitted via the platform.

For example, if a seller loads 1000 bookings to various agents and only 950 are reconciled and collected via the platform, the cost to the Seller for that settlement cycle would be £209 (£0.22 x 950)


£0.15 / €0.30
per supplier paid
Buyers are charged £0.15 for each supplier settlement processed via the platform.

For example, if a buyer receives a total of 120 bookings from 4 different suppliers and pays only 100 bookings, the cost for that settlement cycle would be £0.60 (£0.15 x 4).
Another way of looking at it for a buyer is to say that it costs them £0.15 per supplier statement to receive the data and pay the seller.

Reduced introductory pricing for buyers is available in certain markets. Please check with your participating local suppliers.