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Forward thinking travel industry expertise

About Travel Ledger

Our mission.

Our core mission is to transform accounts receivable, accounts payable and data exchange in the global travel trade industry. We strip out settlement inefficiencies and costs from the travel supply chain and enable participants to leverage our global network to share data with unprecedented ease and scale.

How we deliver it.

We have built the only comprehensive global B2B settlement platform designed exclusively for the travel industry.

Our innovative use of digital banking technology enables fast and cost-effective transactions, ranging from settling large statements to individual invoices to commission payments.

With Travel Ledger, all parties gain unparalleled visibility on payments and cashflow, transcending geographical boundaries and enhancing global business operations.

The reach of our network

Our extensive reach is one of the driving forces behind our success and why so many CEOs and CFOs have already joined Travel Ledger and are recommending their trading partners do the same. We're already serving over 1,000 travel buyers and suppliers, with new participants joining every day. We work across the entire travel supply chain including agents, tour operators, incoming operators, hotels, car rentals, consolidators, bedbanks and all types of travel companies.

Logo Eddie D’souza – Financial Controller

""Travel Ledger is a time-saving and cost-effective solution that has truly enhanced our operations. It’s user-friendly, smooth, and offers features like handling partial payments and disputes. With increased agent collaboration, it has become an indispensable tool.""


Why so many companies joined Travel Ledger.

Lower cost
Fees from as low as €0.26 per transaction for basic settlement or 0.44% with insolvency protection make Travel Ledger much more cost effective than card processing or any other collection method.

Speedy settlement
Settlement is instant, and funds are moved automatically by Travel Ledger on the date agreed between the parties. Collect one booking or thousands at the same time

Easy to adopt
No need for complicated API integrations to get started. Simply sign up and then upload/download standard and easy to read Excel/CSV files with billing data There is no need for any development or long-term commitment, just try it!

Ready to get started? Learn more about signing up.