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Travel Suppliers

Automated invoicing and collection

Travel Ledger simplifies collections for Suppliers, ensuring on-time payments from Buyers. Automated funds allocation and reconciliation lead to significant time and cost savings, plus improved cash flow visibility to travel suppliers of all types. Including: accommodation suppliers, cruise companies, DMCs and car rental providers.

Centralised invoice distribution

Submit your invoices in a simple format and Travel Ledger will automatically distribute them to your buyers in a timely manner.

Streamlined discrepancy and dispute resolution

With the rich supporting data held on Travel Ledger, your buyers can approve invoices quickly or raise queries promptly via the platform.

Immediate and cost-effective payments

Travel Ledger’s inbuilt digital wallets have their own IBANs and operate just like bank accounts. Enabling you to collect immediate payment and avoid chargebacks, all at a fraction of the cost of card payments.

Efficient payment reconciliation

Detailed remittance data, at booking level, allows you to allocate funds within your accounting system – reducing clerical effort and eliminating guesswork.

Customisable collection cycles

Travel Ledger allows you to create highly customised settlement terms with each one of your trade partners: be that for individual bookings; or for large monthly statements.

Secure and confidential

Distributed ledger technology encrypts all transactions and gives a high degree of security and confidentiality. You choose what data to share.

Easy to get started

With Travel Ledger you can quickly start delivering invoices, sending statements and triggering collections by simply uploading a CSV file.

Grow your business with our travel trade network

Travel Ledger is a great way of reaching new trade buyers, allowing you to transact with them in a fast and inexpensive way.

Invite your partners

You decide who to transact with who on the platform and can invite your trade partners if they are not already participants.

How to join Travel Ledger in the UK market

Travel Ledger enables travel sellers to settle with UK based travel buyers via direct settlement and via ABTA’s TPS scheme (for ABTA members) or Advantage’s CAPS scheme (for Advantage members).

Please contact for more details.

How to join Travel Ledger in the EURO market

Travel Ledger enables travel sellers to settle with European based travel buyers via direct settlement where EUR/SEPA is available.

Please contact for more details.

How to join Travel Ledger in the rest of the world

Travel Ledger is constantly extending its reach and we can offer a number of solutions to receive settlement in different currencies and territories.

Please contact with some details about your currency and territory requirement and we will be happy to discuss available options.