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Travel Technology Suppliers

Add customer value with minimal effort

By integrating with Travel Ledger, travel technology suppliers can save their customers considerable time and effort in the areas of billing and settlement. Plus greatly enhancing the functionality of their systems for accounts receivable and accounts payable activities.

Complement your offering

Travel Ledger does not provide any back-office, accounting or booking function – it simply provides a reconciliation and settlement back-end services to enhance your own product offering.

Value-added service for your customers

Connecting your system to Travel Ledger enables your customers and their trading partners to automatically exchange invoice/booking and remittance data, as well as initiate the required payment instructions.

Low-cost integration

Travel Ledger offers you a number of integration options from a simple file interface to a more sophisticated real time API. We can also incentivise you to connect to the platform and help offsetting the effort involved in developing an integration.

Secure by design

Travel Ledger exchanges and stores data in an encrypted and immutable format ensuring confidentiality and integrity. Access is protected by multi-factor authentication.

Inherent scalability

As a native cloud application hosted on AWS, the Travel Ledger platform provides redundancy and scalability.