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Travel Buyers

Streamline invoice processing

Travel Ledger streamlines supplier invoice processing and settlement by delivering suppliers data in a consistent and standard format. Enabling efficient and cost-effective trade with a wider range of suppliers.

Unified supplier invoice management

Travel Ledger stores all your supplier invoices and statements in one place and presents them in a consistent format. You can further automate the process through a standard file or API synchronisation with your back-office system.

Maintain full control over payments

Travel Ledger gives you visibility, full control and two-way communication to agree/amend/reject suppliers’ invoices or bookings before any payment is processed.

Automate remittance advice distribution

Once Travel Ledger collects the payments you’ve approved, it automatically delivers detailed remittance data to your suppliers.

Prompt settlement of supplier refunds

Travel Ledger can move funds in both directions. Depending on your commercial agreement, it can facilitate rapid processing of supplier refunds.

Flexible payment terms

Your travel supplier can configure Travel Ledger to automatically facilitate settlement on the correct due date as per your agreement with them.

Secure and confidential

Distributed ledger technology encrypts all transactions and gives a high degree of security and confidentiality. You choose what data to share.

Easy to get started

With Travel Ledger you can quickly start delivering invoices, sending statements and triggering collections by simply uploading a CSV file.

Grow your business with our broad network of sellers

Travel Ledger widens the range of trade partners that you can transact with in a fast and inexpensive way.