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Membership Organisations

Value added member monitoring and compliance

Travel Ledger adds value to individual members, while giving membership organisations insight into the key financial and commercial information derived from member interaction with their business partners. If you are a trade body, please get in touch with us to discuss how we can help you.

Flexible involvement

You can directly manage or simply monitor the settlement program, while Travel Ledger does the rest.

Value added service for your members

Provide your members with a unified platform that facilitates commercial relationships, billing and settlement with all the suppliers that you invite.

Data insight

Travel Ledger delivers business insight into members’ activities and volumes by automatically capturing transactional data in a consistent format.

Monitor trade and compliance

Reduce potential risks through Travel Ledger’s settlement data which provides early visibility into behaviours that go against your commercial policy or code of conduct.

Streamlined settlement services

For organisations managing settlement services on legacy platforms, Travel Ledger drives significant efficiency gains through enhanced automation and modern payment rails.

Network effect

Invite buyers and sellers onto the platform quickly and securely increasing the transactional network. You control who can settle on the platform and under what terms.