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UK Weekly Market Report - Week 19 - 8 May Settlement

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Our latest data from Week 19 of 2024, compared to the same week in 2023, reveals some interesting and slightly unexpected market trends. Notably, there's been a significant increase in transaction numbers, although the average value per transaction has declined:

- Transactions were up by +30% (up 14% on the previous week).
- Total amounts processed increased by +12%
- Average transaction value decreased by -14% 

These trends indicate a high volume of deposits, suggesting that the market is still engaging in "low deposit" promotions. Additionally, we may be witnessing the early onset of the "Lates" season, potentially kick-started by April's payday and the plethora of current offers.

Data Context
: Please note that Travel Ledger UK market figures primarily reflect the market activity that occurred in the week prior to data collection. For this period, that encompasses deposits and balances paid between 26 April and 2 May. Next week we will be reporting the activity during and following the Bank Holiday weekend.

Stay tuned for more updates from Travel Ledger, as we continue to provide valuable insights into the travel market's evolving landscape.