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Travel Ledger launches “Premium” product inclusive of Supply Chain Failure Protection

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Travel Ledger Elevates B2B Travel Settlement with TL Premium: Exclusive Supply Chain Failure Protection Now Available

"Travel Ledger, the leading FinTech Travel specialist, announces the introduction of TL Premium, a new subscription level designed to enhance B2B settlement by including an exclusive supply chain failure protection. This solution combines risk mitigation with a simplified fee structure, offering essential features within one subscription. By reducing risk for Suppliers and Buyers, TL Premium fosters more secure and resilient relationships within the trade."

Travel Ledger, the leading FinTech company specialising in B2B travel settlement, unveils TL Premium. This all-inclusive subscription service offers unrivalled supply chain failure protection, setting a new standard in B2B travel settlement.

TL Premium stands out with:

- “Streamlined Financial Transactions”: Automated statement distribution, remittance, and payment collection.

- “Robust Risk Mitigation”: All-encompassing buyer and supplier failure protection.

- “Collection failure guarantee”: A failure protection program backed by a bespoke Insurance policy, managed by TMU Management Ltd.

- “Inclusive Subscription Pricing”: TL Premium adopts a straightforward pricing approach with a single booking fee that includes both supply chain protection and all transaction distribution costs, offering simplicity and predictability for Suppliers.

These benefits apply exclusively to bookings filed for settlement via Travel Ledger by Premium Subscribers, which are prominently highlighted on the platform.

By mitigating risk, TL Premium enables Suppliers to consider more favourable payment conditions for their Buyers, strengthening B2B relationships.

"TL Premium is redefining B2B travel settlement," says Roberto Da Re. "We are empowering Suppliers and benefiting Buyers by automating critical financial processes and enhancing supply chain protection."

Suppliers are invited to upgrade to TL Premium and experience this significant shift in industry practice. Contact your Travel Ledger account manager for more information.

About Travel Ledger

Travel Ledger, a frontrunner in the FinTech industry, is swiftly establishing itself as the standard for B2B travel settlement and invoice and booking data exchange. Its transformative TL Pay service has simplified transactions and payments for travel Suppliers and Buyers, promoting an unprecedented level of efficiency and security across the industry.

Travel Ledger also introduced TL Premium, its most comprehensive subscription service which provides robust risk mitigation, shielding both Suppliers and Buyers. Unique to TL Premium is its single booking fee covering both supply chain protection and all transaction upload costs. This reduction in risk enables Suppliers to propose more favourable payment conditions, reinforcing B2B relationships and continuing to revolutionize payments for the travel industry.